Chris Wang

Contemporary Chinese Chair

Furniture design in China is changing rapidly however contemporary designs frequently have little connections with traditional Chinese culture.Since I was a small child I have been interested in the traditional furniture forms of China. This project is about how Chinese traditional culture influences my idea and calligraphy in particular could integrate the design process for a contemporary chair. The ideograms that from Chinese calligraphy, in this case the ideogram for ʻhomeʼ can provide a form or structure to consider against the traditional forms that compose a chair, but traditional mortise-tenon connection have been used in this chair because this kind of connections make the chair stronger and add the feeling of handicrafts. For considering the comfort, ergonomics is also important in the design process.The concept of designing this chair is to evoke a sense of belonging about home, not simply the place we go return to but also to include the sense of family that home provokes.

The size of this chair is 72cm*71cm*110cm( length*width*height ), 42cm(height from seat to floor)